SAMVEDAN 2021 - "Sensing" Solutions for Bharat

A Grand Challenge Competition, jointly organized by Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd. and IIT-Madras Pravartak.

The Department of Science and Technology under its National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) aims to create a strong foundation and a seamless ecosystem for CPS technologies by coordinating and integrating nationwide efforts encompassing knowledge generation, human resource development, research, technology and product development, innovation and commercialization.

It has funded IIT Madras to host the Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) for Sensor, Networking, Actuators and Control Systems (SNACS) area. TIHs will be the nodal centres spearheading the activities in a specific domain.

IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation, which is the TIH for SNACS,  in collaboration with Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd. is conducting a Grand Challenge Competition, based on the SPRESENSETM board named  SAMVEDAN 2021 -  "Sensing" Solutions for Bharat.

Registration started on July 1st, 2021, Thursday.
Admission Closed.

Key Details

One 1st prize of ₹100,000
Two 2nd prizes of ₹50,000 each
Four 3rd prizes of ₹25,000 each

200 days to create a world-class "Sensing" solution

Entrepreneurship (Startup) Opportunities for Winners

Steering Committee's decision is FINAL. Your feedback is important

Team of maximum size 3

Open to only Indian citizens residing in India

About the Grand Challenge
We invite sensing solutions for problems of social relevance in Bharat, using the SPRESENSETM board. The semi-finalists will be provided with one each of the three boards (Camera Board, Main Board and Extension Board) as displayed below to demonstrate their idea. However, the participants are free to use additional  electronics that connect to the SPRESENSETM board.
Click here to view a premier video on the usage of SPRESENSETM  board.

For clarifications, use this blog

Some of the sample ideas for SAMVEDAN 2021 – "Sensing" solutions for Bharat

This is only an indicative list and participants are free to choose other domains based on their interest.

Artificial Intelligence / Expert Systems / Machine Learning

In manufacturing, quality control process ensures that customers receive defect free products that meet their needs. Missing quality control can even put consumers life at risk. Examples of such quality issues in airbags, disk brakes in vehicles have occurred in automobile industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence processes using machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, speech/sound recognition and vision. These techniques in AI can be used for having systems which can ensure quality control in manufacturing.

Soft Sensors

Soft sensors are inferential estimators which draw conclusions from process observations when hardware sensors are unavailable or unsuitable. They also have an important auxiliary role in sensor validation as a digital twin which helps when performance declines through senescence or fault accumulation. Many of the non-linear behavior exhibited by industrial processes can be usefully modelled using the techniques of Artificial Intelligence. Soft Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes can help building of digital twins as well as filling in the gap where hardware sensors cannot be used.

Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is an important area of medical science. Devices such as x-rays, CAT scans are regularly used for diagnosing and analysis of complicated diseases. Radiologists, who manage an ever-growing body of complex medical knowledge, are beginning to employ artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that allow computers to emulate human faculties such as perception and reasoning in the task of diagnosing diseases. Several factors account for the great potential of AI to contribute to improved radiological diagnosis.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a way to minimize both failures and maintenance work, while maximizing machinery and component lifetime. Predictive maintenance relies on “condition-monitoring” to provide data about the current performance of the machine, in order to predict issues and prevent failures. A solution that performs predictive maintenance in High Temperature Process Infrastructure in Industries like Petro-chemical, Manufacturing, Energy etc. could be very useful.

Chemical/Gas Sensors

Chemical/Gas sensors play a major role in detection of toxic chemicals/gases. These sensors help determine the concentration of various gases in the atmosphere — carbon dioxide, methane, and others. These are the sensors used in the Internet of Things systems largely by manufacturers, hospitals, oil and gas expects and lab facility managers. These sensors find wide use in defence, healthcare, manufacturing, at homes and facilities handling toxic chemicals. A soft/hard-ware based solutions for detecting toxicity will be very useful.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones

While UAVs are specifically unmanned vehicles, drones need not be so. A UAV / Drone solution could be designed where the applications could range from defence to item delivery.

Rental Systems

With smart lockers holding rental equipment (such as umbrella, smart transportation systems) which are available for rent at various points in the city, an integrated IoT solution for rental and return of these items would be useful. The rental item could be picked up and dropped at any locker point anywhere within the city. A rental item can be availed from a smart locker/kiosk by scanning a QR code on the smartphone which automatically deducts a deposit amount from the user. On return of the rental item, the specified rental amount for the duration of usage would be deducted and then the rest of the deposit amount returned to the user.

Farming Bots

A Farming Bot, which can plant the crops and even monitor them periodically, especially in mountainous terrain can be designed. It can be used for parallel farming for starting and then can be scaled for large acres of farms. It will help in plantation of different kind of crops by understanding the soil characteristics with facilities for remote operations.

Security / Surveillance

An AI- enabled IOT system which provides real-time information regarding any threats to citizens. For example, detecting unusual movement of vehicles or unidentified people in restricted locations, detecting suspicious material that are typically buried below ground. In order to reduce unforeseen damages during transports of mission critical items, frequent surveillance of the high-risk route is required especially in places where essential service vehicles are driven quite often.  AI in combination with IOT can improve the ability of the system to identify the position of the target followed by their tracking. Also, Intelligent systems can be built which will do automatic graphical analysis. Sensors embedded in security personnels' uniforms and helmets can send information to a command center about the physical conditions of those people, especially the operations during natural disasters, monitoring of critical international events etc.

Detecting contaminants using Laser Based Spectroscopy

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) has been applied in many applications to detect various materials in various applications such as metals, alloys, paints and coating, polymers, organic components, etc. For example, this methodology can be used to detect oil contaminants present in sheet metals. Oil treatment is an essential step in the case of steel plates that forms sheet metals as steel can form rust. The formed metal plates then undergo cutting, bending, welding, and forming, etc. For the further use of these steel plates, the oil layer along with other contaminants has to be cleaned completely. An IoT device can be designed to detect the contaminants.


Register using this form. Provide details about your team. ADMISSION CLOSED.


Here is the easychair link to submit your abstracts/ideas.
Last date for submission of Abstract of the idea : August 23, 2021

Contest Structure & Rules

SAMVEDAN 2021 provides a path to apply cutting edge technologies to solve big industry problems, at a very large scale. This requires a robust and practical process.

All candidates are requested to go thru the following RULES document carefully. All candidates must be 100% adhering to these rules.
Selected teams for quarter finals, need to sign a separate End User License Agreement (EULA)  as  they will receive SPRESENSETM boards and associated software.


Winners of samvedan 2021

First Prize - Team Mechatronics ( ID-35 )

Title - Predictive maintenance

Team members - Anshuman Fauzdar, Sunny vedwal, Vinay Dhiman

Second Prize - Team Desnators ( ID-64 )

Title - I'sys : vision for visionless

Team members - M Ranjith Roshan, Sibi selvan

Second Prize - Brigades ( ID-166 )

Title - Early Detection of disease and Location of an Infected plant in the cotton field

Team members - Lakshana.G, Kiruthika.G, Priyanka.S

Third Prize - Asclepius ( ID-26 )

Title - Design and development of loT enabled platform for conducting laboratory experiments on electrical machines remotely

Team members - Atharsh S, Saran G, Sivabharathi K G

Third Prize - Eiffel Sparklers ( ID-37 )

Title - Spresense Eye Towards SIDS

Team members - janani Priya N.J, Anjusha.J, Hari Pankan Vijay.A

Third Prize - Team GOC ( ID-90 )

Title - loT based online condition monitoring system for AC Coaches

Team members - Harissh.A.S, joseph Anto Pranish.D, Sathyendhra Kumar Pankaj

Third Prize - capacitors ( ID-106 )

Title - Smart Elector Validation System Assisting the First polling Officer

Team members - Tharun prasath J, vignesh karuppasamy D M

Finalists for samvedan 2021 - Selected Projects

(refer Easy Chair Paper Id)

Semi-Final Results - Selected Projects

(refer Easy Chair Paper Id)

Finalists for samvedan 2021 - Selected Projects

(refer Easy Chair Paper Id)

Semi-Final Results - Selected Projects

(refer Easy Chair Paper Id)

Quarter Final Results - Selected Projects

(refer Easy Chair Paper Id)

Awards and Outcomes

One 1st prize of ₹ 100,000.
Two 2nd prizes of ₹ 50,000 each.
Four 3rd prizes of ₹ 25,000 each.
The winners will be provided an opportunity to submit an application for Entrepreneur-In-Residence scheme at IITM Pravartak Technology Foundation (IITM PTF).
The same will be reviewed by IITM PTF  and their decision will be final. If approved, the EIR scheme provides upto Rs. 35000/= per month per individual for a maximum period of one year.
On successful completion,  an opportunity will be provided to apply for  incubating a startup company with a grant of upto Rs. 50,00,000/= under the IITM PTF Seed Support Scheme (SSS). The decision of IITM PTF is final on all these matters.


SAMVEDAN 2021 is committed to the highest level of transparency and governance aspects.

To ensure these, we have a highly accomplished Steering Committee and a proven Technical Committee.

These committee members interact, deliberate and decide on a daily basis to select the best teams.

Anil Sasidharan (SISC)
Associate Director, SARD, Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Prof. Kamakoti V
CSE Department, IIT Madras

Kawamoto, Yoji (SISC)
Division Head, SARD, Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Prof. Mohanashankar Sivaprakasam Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras

Oota, Yoshinori (SSS)
IoT BU, Technical owner for Spresense, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, Japan

Prof. Siva Srinivasu Devadula
Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras

Prof. Sridharakumar Narasimhan Chemical Engineering,  IIT Madras

Tanabe, Mitsuru (SSS)
Deputy General Manager, Technology Planning Dept, Imaging & Sensing Edge Core Technology Div. Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, Japan

Akshay Kadakol

Amit Tawag

Anand Kumar

Arjun Menon

Basavaraj Murali

Chethan Suresh

Eka Valsan

Kamakoti V

Kotteeswaran E

Krishna Agara

Maruthi Thotad

Mudaseer Abdul Basheer

Neel Gala

Pradeep Yadav

Prakasha  Hanumantharayappa

Raghunandan  Dhongadi

Ramasamy Kalai

Shankar Raman
Chairman, Technical Committee,
IITM  Pravartak

Sharanappagouda  Patil

Shinaj  Pandikasalakal

Sreevidhya  Viswanadhan

Srikantha Samaga

Srinidhi Srinivasa

Suraj Kumar

Vasan V S

Venkataraghavan K  S

Venugopal  Baswaraju

Vimal Gohel

Vinay Surendran

Vivek Padmanabhan

Hema Sruthi Dama

Ramesh A

1. What can be the maximum size of the team?

Three members.

2. Can I use any board other than SPRESENSETM ?

No, you must use the SPRESENSETM board. However, if you use additional boards, for any integration with SPRESENSETM you must buy it at your own cost and risk.

3. How will I be informed of the results?

You will be getting your results through email from “EasyChair Conferencing”. Ensure that this email does not goto your SPAM folder.

4. Will there be any extension of deadlines?

As of now there is no modification in deadlines. However, depending on the situation of COVID spread we will take appropriate decision. The decision of the steering committee will be final in this regard.

5. Who can take part in this challenge?

Indian citizens residing in India who have the enthusiasm and capability to provide sensing solutions for Bharat can participate.  

6. Can I change the team members in between quarter finals up to finals?

Generally, we don’t allow change of team members after quarter finals. However, if the situation really warrants and cannot be avoided we will review on a case by case basis. The decision of the steering committee will be final in this regard.  

7. Will you charge for the SPRESENSETM board?

No, however you need to sign the EULA before we can ship the board to you.

8. Will you give us a spare board if the current board becomes faulty?

We have limited number of boards, it is your responsibility to handle them with care. We test the boards before we ship it. It is better you video record the unpacking of the board and the switching-on procedure. We may provide a spare board for a price, depending on availability.    

9. Can we withdraw from the competition in between?

Due to unforeseen circumstances if you are planning to withdraw, you must return the board.

10. If we need clarifications about the board and its programming how will you address it ?

Our technical team will get back.The details will be provided once you are selected for the quarter finals. For clarifications, use this blog

15-Oct-2021 : Quarter Final Results

We are glad to announce the list of quarter finalists. EasyChair Ids of the selected projects are listed in this page.

14-Sep-2021 : Important date changes

Due to a large number of requests from participants for more time to submit the final document for the quarter-final evaluation round, we have extended the last date for submission from 15th September 2021 to 20th September 2021. Due to this the technical committee will announce the 75 quarter-finalists by 30th September 2021 instead of 25th September 2021.

28-Aug-2021 : Notification on abstracts

The authors have been notified of the status of the abstract. For the accepted abstracts,please upload your final version of your idea by September 15, 2021 in the specified template.
If more than one abstract has been accepted from your team and you would like to withdraw some of your abstractsplease do so using EasyChair.  
If you have not received email about acceptance or rejection of your abstract, kindly send enquires to with your submission id.

25-Aug-2021 : Final Paper Submission Announcement

The template for final submission is attached here.

Please upload the completed template document by Sep 15, 2021 in EasyChair against your accepted submission number.
Acceptance of your abstract will be announced by Aug 27, 2021 through email registered with EasyChair.
This final submission will be used by reviewers to select or reject your idea. So please express your ideas in a clear and concise manner to increase your chance of selection for the semifinals.
Note that 75 teams whose final  ideas are selected will receive ONE SPRESENSE™ board free of cost for proof of product concept demonstration (subject to conditions).  

20-Aug-2021: SAMVEDAN 2021 - Webinar 2

We are pleased to announce the SAMVEDAN 2021 webinar 2 on August 24, 2021 at 03:30 p.m. IST.
This will be a technical session on the SPRESENSE™ board.
You and your team members are invited to register and join the webinar.
The details are sent to the point of contact through email.  

20-Aug-2021: Edge Impulse has partnered with Sony to provide AI/ML tool support for SPRESENSETM

SAMVEDAN 2021 registrants can join their world-wide webinar “Supercharge Your Products with Sony's SPRESENSETM & Edge Impulse Embedded ML”, scheduled on 26th Aug 2021 at 9.30PM India time. [URL:].
SAMVEDAN 2021 participants can ask questions in that webinar and also use Edge Impulse Forum if they have more questions:
The participants can  register @


Emails have been sent to the registered participants about the First Webinar on Saturday 14th August 2021 at 7 pm IST. If you have not received the invite please contact with your Registration Number.


An email describing the process to submit the abstract of the idea has been sent on 09/Aug/2021. If you have not received it until now, please contact
The webinar date will be announced shortly.


Registration confirmation emails will be sent before 5th August 2021 to the email id presented during the registration. If you have not received any email from SAMVEDAN 2021 before 6th August 2021, kindly check your SPAM BOX. For clarifications please contact

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