We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming workshop series, Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Precision Agriculture, in collaboration with Asia Pacific Foundation and Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster and IITM-Pravartak Technologies Foundation in India. This series of workshops will explore the opportunity for industry and research collaborations between Canada and India in regenerative agriculture and the role that digital technologies, computational chemistry, cyber-physical systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation can contribute toward a sustainable agricultural future. You can read more about the event and our speakers here.

October 23: (7:30-10AM PT | 8:00-10:30PM IST)
Towards Sustainability: A Discussion on Regenerative Agriculture
Detailed Schedule

October 30: (7:30-9:30AM PT | 8:00-10:30PM IST)
Emerging Technologies in Precision Agriculture
Detailed Schedule

November 6: (6:30-9AM PT | 8:00-10:30PM IST)
Big Data in Agriculture
Detailed Schedule

Recording #1: Toward Sustainability-A Discussion on Regenerative Agriculture

Recording #2: Emerging Technologies in Precision Agriculture

Recording #3: Big Data on Agriculture

Download the follow-up program guide, which links to the presenters slide deck as well as their contact information, should you wish to connect further.